Los Altos Hills attracts those who prefer a more rural estate, yet still having the benefits of living in Los Altos. The town has no commercial or industrial zones. The town government contracts with Santa Clara County for police and fire services (making it a so-called “contract city” under California law). The town’s only retail commercial operation is the book store on the campus of Foothill College. The town also does not have a post office, telephone, or library. Mail delivery and telephone service are provided from nearby Los Altos, so the town shares ZIP codes and telephone exchange numbers with Los Altos. Town residents desiring library services must visit county-operated libraries in nearby Los Altos or Cupertino. The town’s zoning regulations are among the strictest in California, requiring a minimum lot size of one acre (43,560 square feet), setbacks from the property boundary, and easements for public pathways. Landowners are limited to one primary dwelling per lot, which effectively bans multifamily housing. Learn more about Los Altos Hills nearby schools. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION ON SCHOOLS.