Burlingame, once advertised as “San Francisco’s Sunshine Suburb” is a city in San Mateo County. It is located on the San Francisco Peninsula and has a significant shoreline on San Francisco Bay. It spans six square miles, 28% of which is water. The city is named after diplomat Anson Burlingame. It is renowned for many surviving examples of Victorian architecture and its high residential quality of life.  Burlingame was settled by wealthy San Franciscans looking for a better climate for their second homes. Sheltered by hills from strong winds and heavy fogs, the city has temperatures ranging from a low of 54 degrees to a high of 82 degrees in July and a low of 39 degrees and a high of 57 degrees in January. This climate is cooler than some climates farther south, like Palo Alto. Burlingame High School is the city’s sole public high school. Burlingame Intermediate School is Burlingame’s sole public middle school. There are five public elementary schools serving Burlingame. They are Franklin, Lincoln, McKinley, Roosevelt, and Washington. Soon, there will the sixth elementary school opening, Hoover.  Burlingame is highly respected for its high ranking public schools. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT SCHOOLS.